The Cheetah Girls In Concert Cd Tracklisting

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Thanks to Tommy2.net, they provided us the tracklisting to the Cheetah Girls In Concert: The Party Just Begun Tour. There is a new song called " Falling For You" that will probably end up on the Debut Album that is coming out in September. The CD comes out on July 10th.

Disc 1 - Live Audio CD
1. The Party's Just Begun
2. Shake A Tail Feather
3. Together We Can
4. Route 66
5. Strut
6. Falling For You
7. Cinderella
8. Dance with Me
9. Step Up
10. Girl Power
11. Cheetah Sisters
12. Amigas Cheetahs

Disc 2: Concert DVD
1. The Party's Just Begun
2. Strut
3. Step Up
4. Dance with Me
5. Girl Power
6. Cheetah Sisters
7. Amigas Cheetahs