Avril Lavigne-Day Dream
Here is a unrealaeased track called "Day Dream" by Avril Lavigne. So you guys are probably asking yourselfs is this the same song Demi Lovato is singing on tour and the answer is YES. Actually Avril wrote this song and since it dindt make the album it will be featured on Demi's debut album in November. This song is pretty good. Both Demi and Avril have there on dif. style in singing it. This is a DTM rp. Enjoy !



The Cheetah Girls-Live @ SoundCheck

Cheetah Love:

One World:


Demi Lovato-Tonight Show with Jay Leno


Jonas Brothers-Burning Up(Live On FNMTV)


Miley Cyrus-Breakout(Retail)
This was a late leak, but here it is! This is the new cd from Miley Cyrus. An album all by herself with no Hannah Montana. She co-wrote all songs on this cd but 2 of them. This album is highly anticapted. I think it lives up to what it can be & more. Miley really shows her personality, style, and growth with this album. There is a cover of "Girls Just Wanna Have Fun" on the album that Miley does pretty good. Theres no doubt that this album will do great just like her others. This is def. an album to buy. I love every song. Buy it Jully 22. Enjoy !
1. Breakout
2. 7 Things
3. Driveway
4. Girls Just Wanna Have Fun
5. Full Circle
6. Fly On The Wall
7. Bottom Of The Ocean
8. Wake Up America
9. These Four Walls
10. Simple Song
11. Goodbye



Kat DeLuna - Calling You
I know im kinda late in posting this but here we have Kat DeLunas new single called "Calling You". With her second single "Run the Show" failing to make a impact Kat DeLuna is ready to move on. She is set to be releasing a new album later this year. It's a cacthy uptempo pop/dance track. Just like Kat said on her myspace its a summer club banger. I really like this song its different than the songs from her 1st album. Kat needs a top 10 hit and this could be it. Enjoy !



Miley Cyrus On Good Morning America

Fly On The Wall:

7 Things:

See You Again:


Taylor Swift-Beautiful Eyes(Video Premiere)


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