Another Cinderella Story-Soundtrack Cover


Selena Gomez-Tell Me Something I Don't Know(Making)


Malese Jow-Where You Belong(Ft. Joe Jonas)
Who knew this girl can sing. Well i guess every teen these days can. Here we have a song called "Where You Belong". Malese Jow has starred in the nick show "Unfabulous" and "The Bratz Movie" and also appeared on 'WOWP". So I came across her myspace and heard this song. I really like it. It was written by Mr.Jonas (Paul Kevin Jonas )& PJ Bianco. And also it features Mr. Joe Jonas himself. Enjoy !



Rihanna-Disturbia(video Premiere)


Jordan McCoy-I Get Weak
Another artist trying to make it in the music buisness is the wonderful Jordan McCoy. Shes signed to Diddys record company Bad Boy. She posted a new song called "I Get Weak" wich will be featured in her debut album "Just Watch Me" out early 2009. Its a good pop/rock track, but its prolly not a hit wich is what Jordan needs. Diddys all about the hits. And since her 1st single "Just Watch Me" didnt do as well in the charts she needs a new single. Her show "Good Girl/Bad Boy" out soon is basically about Jordan being signed to Diddy's label Bad Boy Records and moving to New York, making the album, etc. This was a DTM rip. Enjoy !



Anonymous said...

thank you sooooo much for this!I've been searching for her songs,like, for ever!I get weak is a belinda carlisle's cover!my favorite song from her is called promise me,but I can't find the full version...

Little *S* said...