Miley Cyrus-Breakout(5 New Clips)
Today walmart soundcheck posted 5 clips wich will be on Mileys sophmore album "Breakout". They include: "Breakout", "7 Things", "Driveway", "Girls Just Wanna Have Fun", & "Fly On The Wall". I cant wait to hear more. This is a DTM rip. Enjoy !



Keke Palmer-Young Thang
Heres a new song by Keke Palmer called "Young Thang". Thanks to Keke-source.org we now know keke's sophmore album will be realesed in winter 08-early 09 yet to be titled. This song is another great song. This shows a more mature side to Miss.Palmer. This sorta reminds me of a song that Alicia Keys would sing. This was a DTM rip. Enjoy !



Heidi Montag-One More Drink
Heidi Montag has released a new song. Instead of singing singing about fashion, this time The Hills star is actually talking about something she knows quite well - partying. The song is called "One More Drink". It is so cheesy yet really hot and tight at the same time. I couldnt understand what she was saying throughout the song. This is a DTM rip. Enjoy !