Four Walls(Duet)-Miley Cyrus & Cheyenne Kimball
Cheyenne Kimball and Miley Cyrus do a duet of "Four Walls" wich is fanmade. This song is originally written by Cheyenne Kimball and was used on her debut album "The Day Has Come". Now this song will be used in Miley new album "Breakout". I think Cheyenne Kimball sings this wayyy better than Miley. What do you guys think ? This was a DTM rip. Enjoy !


Listen to each individual song :

Miley Cyrus:
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Cheyenne Kimball:
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Who Sung It Better ??

Miley Cyrus
Cheyenne Kimball

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The Cheetah Girls-Dance Me If You Can
"Dance Me If You Can," a new track from The Cheetah Girls One World soundtrack premiered on Radio Disney July 4th. The music video is premiering July 11 on Disney Channel. This isnt such a great song not as good as the song "One World". Cant wait to hear more new Cheetah tracks. This was a DTM rip. This is in MP3 format. Enjoy !