So finally the new re-edition of Belinda's latest album Utopía leaked. This Utopía² contains the basic Spanish album, plus 5 bonus tracks, of which 4 in English. If you like pop/rock music, a-la Avril Lavigne or Gwen Stefani, you might fall in love with this album IT ROCKS !! Thanks to Whatz-New
Track listing:

01. "Utopía"
02. "Ni Freud Ni Tu Mamá"
03. "See a Little Light"
04. "Bella Traición"
05. "Contigo o Sin Ti"
06. "Alguien Más"
07. "¿Quién Es Feliz?"
08. "Pudo Ser Tan Fácil"
09. "Noche Cool"
10. "Amiga Soledad"
11. "Good...Good"
12. "Luz Sin Gravedad"
13. "Never Enough"
14. "Takes One to Know One"
15. "If We Were"
16. "End of the Day"
17. "Why Wait"
18. "Es de Verdad"

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Teen pop duo Aly & AJ are currently in the UK promoting their latest album "Insomniatic" (released in the US in July) which will be released in the UK on October 22nd. The girls performed their single "Potential Breakup Song" on the show "This Morning" a couple days ago.

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