Here is a new song from Jordan McCoy called "Promise Me". If you don't know who she is then she was on the show American Juniors couple years ago and she did a song of Fergie hit single song "Big Girls Don't Cry. She'll be releasing an album later this year or next year. Thanks to Whatz-New Enjoy!


Here are 2 new songs from Skye Sweetnam that has leaked out from her new album called Sound Solider. Her album will be released on October 30th in Canada. The new songs that has leaked out are called "Music Is My Boyfriend" and "Scary Love". Enjoy ! Thanks TO Whatz-New

Music Is My Boyfriend

Scary Love

01 Britney Spears - Gimme More 04:11
02 Britney Spears - Piece Of Me 03:32
03 Britney Spears - Radar 03:49
04 Britney Spears - Break The Ice 03:16
05 Britney Spears - Heaven On Earth 04:52
06 Britney Spears - Get Naked (I Got A Plan) 04:52
07 Britney Spears - Freakshow 02:55
08 Britney Spears - Toy Soldier 03:21
09 Britney Spears - Hot As Ice 03:16
10 Britney Spears - Ooh Ooh Baby 03:28
11 Britney Spears - Perfect Lover 03:02
12 Britney Spears - Why Should I Be Sad 03:10

The Official Tracklisting of the upcoming Britney Spears album "Blackout" has been released via SonyBMG.de and you can check above too the latest album cover that has leaked that some people are saying will be the official one, but i so hope that its NOT. Brit's new album has been pushed up to October 30th. Just 18 dayz left! Thanks KeviPod

Here's the music video for the new Fergie single entitled "Clumsy" off her debut solo album "The Dutchess". The vid was shot by directors Marc Webb and Rich Lee.



Anonymous said...

hey, on that song with vanessa hudgens and the jonas brothers...that's NOT vanessa. first of all that's an old version of the song and that was NICK singing when he was younger...just thought i'd clear that up