Mitchel's Next Song

So you guys may have herad his song "Lets Go". I wanted to let you know that he will be releasing another song very soon and he's very excitd about it. It will be completely different from "Let's Go". He says: I wanted to release "Let's Go" first because of the title and how fun it was. I wanted you guys to know that I like to have fun and I enjoy getting the party started! I also really enjoy rapping......but.......... my next song has maybe one line of rap.....so that means I'll be singing the whole thing not rapping and I can't wait for you to hear it! In the mean time....get yourself over to YOUTUBE and watch "Let's Go" again and again......leave me a comment or two and let's get this party started.... Let's Go! Let's Go!



Anonymous said...

that song was awesome i cant wait for another song... Mitchel Musso rocks!!!