"He Said She Said" Re-Shoot!

I've just received an e-mail from one of the main dancers/characters in Ashley's new music video concept. He just recently finished working with her on the set of her new music video. Now what Ashley-T.Com can officially confirm is that Ashley Tisdale was reshooting the music video for her single "He Said, She Said." I cannot confirm what other music videos Ashley Tisdale was recording, all we do know is that they are from her debut album "Headstrong." Here's what Raphael York told us: "I can confirm that the director is indeed Scott Speer. The video starts off with Ashley arriving at a club on the red carpet with paparazzi snapping photographs of her. Josh (Ashley's Love Interest In The Music Video) and I (Raphael York) along with another guy are chatting when Ashley walks in and is noticed by Josh, who goes to find out just exactly who this "girl" is. There's a scene where both Ashley's and Josh's hands brush that had to be filmed twice to make it that perfect brush (Barely Touching). Jared Murillo and Ashley's sister Jennifer are both in the video. Jared will be one of the backup dancers in the video and Jennifer will be playing one of Ashley's friends. There's also a scene where Ashley holds up her cellphone that shows an incoming call (possibly from Josh) which will be edited as a special effect. During the video Ashley wears a ripped black skirt with a white and black top and a necklace that says Ashley, her hair extentsions were frizzed. Ashley really wanted to "sex" up the video, so the producer of the song was there on set. The other "He Said, She Said" video filmed in mid-February was scrapped. We most likely won't ever see that music video directed by Chris Applebaum. The new video is definately aimed for an older audience and most likely won't end up being played on Disney Channel." He also told me that Ashley Tisdale and Jared Murillo are officially dating. Ashley told Raphael that she'll be going on a vacation since she hasn't had one in about 2 years. He'll also be sharing exclusive photos and the finalized version of the video, when he recieves it.