"People" are talking....about Nick and Miley!

So as many of you have heard already (we can't tell you guys anything new! lol) People magazine is reporting that Miley Cyrus is dating Nick Jonas!

Now to make things a bit clearer, the article DOES say they're dating but Miley's dad says that the two really just go on group dates. "She really hasn't had a date date," Billy Ray tells People

In fact, we caught up with Miley this past Tuesday in NYC and she told us that Nick was one of the ONLY people who has heard her new album that comes out next week!

"I've played it for Nick Jonas," Miley dishes. "I was listening to theirs and they were listening to mine so it was really cool to get to listen to our albums together. [The JB album] sounds really great. It sounds really, really good. I was really happy for him!"

Awww! Seems like we've got an answer to the "are they or aren't they?" question you all have been asking. Nick has kept all this hush-hush and we totally respect the fact that the Jonas boys want some relationship privacy. Plus it DOES seem like they only date when they're able to see each other and with lots of other people around. But whatever happens between these two superstars, Popstar! thinks they're totally adorable as a couple or just friends!

We want to know...are you into the Nick and Miley pairing? Are you a teensie bit jealous? Or do you think they're an odd couple and better just as friends?

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bunnyhops95 said...

well, the truth is that I like Nick and Miley is great but i would have never thought they would be together. I mean, yeah, they are both two great people and When ever Nick talks about what kind of girls he likes, he says every thing that Miley has. And now that they are dating, other people would start hating Miley. And if they ever broke up, those millions of girls (and Me) would be happy and things would be normal again. Miley would have more fans and Nick's fans wouldn't be depressed and bumbed out, feeling hopeless. I used to like miley and Nick as two seperate people but now when ever some one talks about either Miley or Nick, all you would hear is that they are together. I want it to stop.

Anonymous said...

i think there cute, their both really talented