Meet The LAX Gurlz

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Their Music Video For Forget You

The hot new trio is the latest sensation from Blackground Records, the same label that brought you pop greats like JoJo and Aaliyah. Not to be mistaken for the airport but equally airborne and international, LAX stands for ..Los Angeles.. Finest X-port... The group..s members hail from Southern California, and they represent a rich ethnic diversity: Just as LA offers the world a colorful tapestry of races and cultures, so does LAX. Brianna (nickname ..Breezy..) This 16-year-old singer is the oldest and has the most performance experience of the bunch. Cristina (nickname ..Cricket..) LAX..s resident rocker provides the group with constant energy and comic relief. With her fiery red hair and funky fashion sense, Cristina, 15, is a rebel with a cause. Jamie (nickname ..?Who?..) LAX..s ..attitude.. girl. Growing up in the unforgiving desert of Joshua Tree, Jamie does everything to keep her mind from melting. By day, the 15 year old plays basketball, soccer, baseball, and tennis.The group first met in Los Angeles, where they started working with songwriter/producer Alex Cantrall (JoJo, Fantasia, Vanessa Hudgens). CHECK OUT THESE TRACKS !

Forget You: http://www.mediafire.com/?9khbzdykdzj

Stop Drop Roll: http://www.mediafire.com/?0mpim9vbyey

Know Better by 2xl Ft LAX: http://www.mediafire.com/?55l3xnymbyd