NEW Cheetah Girls Song From Debut Album

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Here i ripped a UNKNOWN name of a NEW Cheetah Girls song. I AM THE 1ST BLOGGER TO POST THIS SONG. I found it on a Mac & Cheese website thats was feat. a contest for the Cheetah Girls. Thnks to LCW for giving me the website. Im thinking this song could be called "Breakin' Loose". This is the best quality !! ENJOY !!!! IF USED ANYWHERE ELSE PLZ CREDIT !!!! This song is AMAZING !! Their NEW studio album features all NEW songs including "Bring It On" as seen on the DC Games.

Breakin' Loose: http://www.mediafire.com/?d27wtwznyej


TCG&3LW :> said...

Thanks for ripping. I credited you on my blog (:. Im new to this blogspot and want to give Cheetah Girl fans a place for news, media, and anything interesting so thanks a lot for that. Please spread the word aabout my blog and the song to other Cheetah fans.

TCG&3LW :> said...

Hmm, for some reason when the MP3 finished downloading it says FAILED right away. Is this just happening to me?