Jennette McCurdy-So Close
If you don't know who she is, she is on Nickelodeon show called iCarly where she plays Sam. She is now branching into music. You are prob. saying not another one,lol. This song is a pop/country kind of song. She sounds really good. Its something you wouldn't expect. The song sounds something like Carrie Underwood. Make sure you support her and buy the song when it comes out on iTunes ! Enjoy !



Anonymous said...

Carrie Underwood is a stretch, but I like the song, and I definitely give her props for taking a legit route into the music industry, not like Miley, Miranda, Selena, Emily, Mitchell, on and on that list goes.

As for the song and her vocals, the lyrics are a bit weak, but when you get wrapped up in the melody you forget (sort of like Taylor Swift's music.) She can sing, her vocals are bad, but I'd say she's like me, an slightly above average singer that can hold notes and sing on pitch, but not necessarily gifted in singing. She doesn't go very high so it's easy for a normal person to sing. The melody has more variety than the normal cheap song these child actors are handed.

I'll be interested to see a live performance.

She seems like a cool person from her youtube.

Holly said...
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Anonymous said...

I meant *aren't, 'her vocals aren't bad'

big mistake