KeKe Palmer-It Aint The Money
Heres another brand new song keke has posted on her myspace page. Its called It Aint The Money and its another great song. I wonder where these songs are goin to appear. She could be making songs for her new show on Nick coming soon, but we'll have to wait and see. This was ripped by DTM and thanks to kekesource for the image. Enjoy !



High School Musical 3-Right Here,Right Now+Just Wanna Be With You
Some more new HSM3 song have made it around the web. There called "Right Here, Right Now" and the other is called "Just Wanna Be With You. I cant wait to see this movie once it hits theathers. Hopefully it would do even better than the 1st and 2nd movie, and it prolly will. Enjoy !

Download{Right Here, Right Now}
Download{Just Wanna Be With You}


Vanessa Hudgens-Walk Away(HSM3)
Heres a newly leaked track from the upcoming movie HSM3 and its sung by Vanessa Hudgens or as known in the movie Gabriella. The song is called "Walk Away". Its a really nice ballad. SO far i think the songs have gotten better as the movies continued to the 3rd. This songs sorta reminds me of Gotta Go My Own Way from HSM2 but a lil faster. Remeber HSM3 is only hitting theathers. Enjoy !



Zac Efron-Scream(HSM3)
Heres another newly leaked track from the upcoming movie HSM3 and its sung by Zac Efron or as known in the movie Troy. The song is called "Scream". Its another great track with a lil vibe of rock. This is sumthin new they trying, since i havent heard troy sing this type of song. HSM3 hits theathers ONLY. Enjoy !