Jasmine Richards-Forgotten (Demo)
You might remmeber her from the movie Camp Rock. Here we have is a dem of a song Jasmine has recorded called "Forgotten". This song kinda reminds me of demis song dont forget. ITs a pretty decent song and she has a decent voice. This is a DTM rip. Enjoy !



Gloriana-The Way It Goes + How Far Do You Wanna Go
Remember Cheyenne Kimball from her hit tv show on MTV? Well she decided to create a band instead of being a solo act. Her new band is called Gloriana. They posted 2 brand new songs on their myspace. They've been busy lately playing shows and theyre about to finish up the record in the studio Check back often for more updates on the band visit their myspace @ myspace.com/gloriana. The songs are pretty catchy i like them + plus if your into the whole country pop thing you will like em too. This was a DTM rip. ENJOY !
Download {The Way It Goes)
Download {How Far Do You Wanna Go}