The Millionaires-Alcohol(Video Premiere)

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Prima J-Corazon(Video Premiere)


Vanessa Hudgens-Identified(Album Sampler)
Here is the album sampler of Vanessa Hudgen's sophmore album "Identified", which is out July 1st. This album sounds really good with uptempo pop songs, & midtempo, & ballads. Vanessa did try new things with this new album, and it does show that. I hope this album does better than her first. Her 1st single took a while for me to like it, and now i cant stop listenin to it. Cant wait to hear the full album. Enjoy !



Jonas Brothers-Burnin Up(Ifficial Single Cover)


Demi Lovato-This Is Me(Acoustic)
Here's the I-Tunes acoustic track of Demi Lovato song "This Is Me". I think the original version was way better. Her debut album comes out sometime this fall.Remember Camp Rock premiere this Friday on the Disney channel. Enjoy!



After being signed to Hollywood Records for almost two years, it finally looks like we’ll be seeing a release from Hayden Panettiere. According to Reuters, Candies will be paying for most of the bills to promote her new single Wake Up. The song "Wake Up" is said to be realeased some time in August. And the album will be released early 2009.

Jordan Pruitt’s Permission To Fly will be released in Limited Too stores on July 22nd.


Miley Cyrus-3 New Songs(Clips)
Miley Cyrus is getting ready to realese her sophmore
album "Breakout" on July 22. Recently she had the chance to host the American Top 40. During the broadcast she previewed 3 songs wich will be on her album. They are "Breakout", "Fly On The Wall", and "Bottom Of The Ocean". Cant wait to hear more. Enjoy!


01. Breakout
02. 7 Things
03. Driveaway
04. Girls Just Wanna Have Fun
05. Full Circle
06. Fly On The Wall
07. Bottom Of The Ocean
08. Wake Up America
09. Four Walls
10. Simple Song
11. Goodbye
12. See You Again (Rock Mafia Remix)


Vanessa Hudgens-Sneakernight(Ipod Video)



Anonymous said...

Kaiden Blake's upcoming album "breathe" leaked!!


1. The Revolution
2. Intervention
3. Ideal Life
4. Breathe
5. Say Goodbye
6. Where We Belong
7. And So On
8. Unforgiven
9. One Day
10. Pessimist
11. Wrapped Around Your Finger
12. Almost Daylight


tan said...

Oh I like this blog. I feel young looking at a teen site.
I am over 50.
God bless all teenagers.

xXpaulineCzkaXx said...

broken download link!
put it again, please.