Jesse McCartney-Leavin' Feat. Baby Bash(Remix)
J-Mac teamed up with R&B artist Baby Bash for his single "Leavin". This is an official remix. The song sounds even better with Baby Bash. Enjoy !



Camp Rock-Play My Music


Demi Lovato-That's How You Know(Radio Rip)
This song will be on the new Disney Mania 6. This song is called "Thats How You Know" sung by Disneys "Next Big Thing" Demi Lovato. I think shes awsome she has an amazing voice and good looks which will deffinately get her somewhere. The original version of this song was featured in the movie "Enchanted". Catch Demi in the cast of Camp Rock along with the Jonas Brothers out this summer only on Disney Channel. ENJOY !

(Once HQ version leaks ill post)

When You Look Me In The Eyes-Jonas Brothers
The Jonas Brothers teamed up with Disney’s Vanessa Hudgens from High School Musical and re-created there hit "When You Look Me In The Eyes". This version sounds different than the original, but still its still a great song. As of right now i think i may be the only blog to have this.Enjoy !

* This isnt feat. Vanessa Hudgens. After a few listenings and some searching i found out that this was the oringal version when nick was younger, which to me sounds like vanessa hudgens lol but it isnt.


Emily And Mitchel - If I Didn't Have You (Video)

As you all know theres a track on Disney Mania 6 feat. 2 stars from Hannah Montana and they are Mitchel Musso and Emily Osment. They have colaberated to bring the song "If I Didnt Have You" from disney pixar movie Monsters Inc.



Tori said...

That's the original version of "WYLMITE" by the Jonas Brothers. It's young Nick, not Vanessa. Wherever you got that information is wrong, sorry.

Anonymous said...

Jesse McCartney - Departure!

Ive got it, check my blog! =]

fyi, you can delete this if you want!