Natasha Bedingfield - Pocketful Of Sunshine

Two new Lily Allen songs have hit the Internet, and - in a surprising turn - she "leaked" them herself!

Of the new songs, Lily says:
Eaaasssyy peoples,So , I'm a blondie and loving it and I've been working hard in the studio. I posted a couple of new songs on the player for you all to have a listen to and get an idea of my new direction, they are just at a demo stage so don't be too hard on them. I'll probably swap some others around and play you stuff as I do it in the studio, like i did last time round. And ther'll also be a new mixtape soon, I hope you enjoy this shizzle. Aiiightbig kissslil x x. These songs are really good here i leave u HQ rip. Ripped by DTM. The 2 new songs are called "I Dont Know" & "I Could Say"

I Dont Know

I Could Say