This is the cover for the re-release of Kat DeLuna's latest album "9 Lives". This cover looks way better than the original.

Epic records and Kat DeLuna are working on the Re-release to her much anticipated first album "9 Lives", which is set to come out April 29, 2008. The new version of the album features new songs produced by R&B singer Akon. She will also be having some new collaborations in the album, some of which have not yet been named. It was also stated that "Am I Dreaming" will indeed be the 3rd single off Kat Deluna's album featuring a new rap with akon which is said to bring out what the summer has to offer. Kat will also be a guest in Elephant Man's new album "Let's get physical" and is featured in Jason Fox's new song "Coffee Girl". These are all HQ rips of the songs. I dont know which ones will be in her re-release. But they are new songs. ENJOY !!

1. 9 Lives (Intro)
2. Run the Show - Kat DeLuna, Shaka Dee
3. Am I Dreaming
4. Whine Up - Kat DeLuna, Elephant Man
5. Feel What I Feel
6. Love Me, Leave Me
7. In the End
8. Love Confusion
9. Animal
10. Be Remembered - Kat DeLuna, Shaka Dee
11. Enjoy Saying Goodbye
12. Whine Up [En Español]
13. Como un Sueño [Am I Dreaming]
14. Run the Show [En Español]


Oh My God(OMG)

Dale Durro

Coffee Girl

Tek Wuh Yuhself


Ryan Cabrera-"Say"