Here is some info on the Camp Rock DVD:

Bonus Feature(s):

* How To Be A Rock Star -- Find Out What It Really Takes To Make It To The Big Stage!
* Jonas Brothers: Real Life Rock Stars
* Introducing Demi Lovato -- Get To Know The Newest Disney Channel Star
* Camp Memories -- Candid Shots Of Your Favorite Characters
* "Hasta La Vista: From Rehearsal To Final Jam" -- Barron & Sander Show How It All Got Done
* "Too Cool: Setting The Stage" -- Fun Behind The Scenes
* Sing-Along And Karaoke Mode
* Music Videos


So big news today regarding upcoming releases!!! First, here’s a look at the Camp Rock CD cover and tracklisting !

1 “I Gotta Find You” by Shane Gray
2 “I Gotta Find You (Reprise)” by Shane Gray & Mitchie Torres
3 “We Rock” by Camp Rock cast
4 “Too Cool” by Tess Tyler
5 “This is Me” by Shane Gray & Mitchie Torres
6 “Music’s in My Soul” by Connect Three
7 “This Is Real, This Is Me” by Mitchie Torres
8 “Start the Party” by Barron
9 “Popstar” by Tess Tyler
10 “Here We Come” by Connect Three
11 “True” by Mitchie Torres
12 “Soulmates” by Nate & Caitly


Vanessa Hudgen's newest single from her second album will hit radios on April 11 @ 3pm PT/ 6pm ET, according to Radio Disney. Keep your ears open on the said date on Speakernight, the single from her second album that still remains untitled. The album will be released on June 24, 2008. Hopefully more news on this will come out. Stay Tuned.

Don't forget, on April 9, Vanessa will be in Idol Give Back!


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