Here's a Collection of Hayden Panettiere Songs.

1. Go To Girl (From Girl Next Vol. 2)
2. Try (From "Bridge To Terabithia")
3. My Hero Is You (From "Tiger Cruise")
4. Cruella DeVil (From Disneymania 5)
5. I Fly (From "Ice Princess")
6. Your New Girlfriend (From Girl Next Vol. 1)
7. I Still Believe (From "Cinderella 3")


Here is your request for The High School Musical 2 Instrumental album. This IS NOT OFFICIAL it is FAN MADE. ENJOY !

1 "What Time Is It" (instrumental)
2 "Fabulous" (instrumental)
3 "Work This Out" (instrumental)
4 "You Are The Music In Me" (instrumental)
5 "I Don't Dance" (instrumental)
6 "You Are The Music In Me (Reprise)" (instrumental)
7 "Gotta Go My Own Way" (instrumental)
8 "Bet On It" (instrumental)
9 "Everyday" (instrumental)
10 "All For One" (instrumental)
11 "HUMUHUMUNUKUNUKUAPUA'A" (instrumental)