Heres a brand NEW song by Mitchel Musso called Wasn't Your Girlfriend. He co-wrote it. Its not the best quality but its sumthing.

DL: http://www.mediafire.com/?07m03jdfwda


Here is Keke Palmer's album cover for So Uncool Out Sept.18 2007 What do you think?


Like your girl TIFFANY EVANS, Keke Palmer is another young lady you all need to look out for pretty soon! Why isn’t Lil’ Mama singing about this type of stuff more? These girls prove that you can be young with your music still having a meaning, I love all her songs that have been released so far, these are the role models young girls need to look up too! The 4 song EP is already released on Itunes, and the full album, So Uncool, will be in stores September 18th! Watch the video for make sure you CHECK HER OUT the video “Keep It Movin” soon (pic above) … we’ll keep you posted!


Could this possibly be Nicole's album cover?? Well we have to wait and see. I really dont like it it looks kinda boring and we all know she can do better. What do u think?


You guys now Heidi Montag from The Hills on MTV. This song is really hot. It features her B.F Spencer and he's rapping on this track. This song is really catchy and it has a sort of club vibe. It's called Body Language and its a radio rip. Once the HQ version leaks ill post it ENJOY !

Body Language: http://www.mediafire.com/?6mc9numyw0t

Thnks to JonnyAli