Here is your request "True Friend"
By Hannah Montana
Here's your request "Kids Of The Future"
By: The Jonas Bro.

19 year-old newcomer Kat DeLuna has proved herself with her Hit single "Whine Up". Now is ready to release her debut album "9 Lives" which has just leaked. The album is a good debut but nothing amazing, but that just gives her room to grow on her next effort. Deff check it out and BUY YOUR COPY AUGUST 7TH!!

1. 9 Lives (Intro)

2. Run The Show (Feat. Shaka Dee)

3. Am I Dreaming

4. Whine Up (Feat. Elephant Man)

5. Feel What I Feel

6. Love Me, Leave Me

7. In The End

8. Love Confusion

9. Animal

10. Be Remembered (Feat. Shaka Dee)

11. Enjoy Saying Goodbye

12. Whine Up (En Español)

*Bonus13. Como Un Sueno (Am I Dreaming En Español)

*Bonus14. Run The Show (En Español)



Here's the NEW J.B album. I haven't really listen to it, but from the clips, I like it. Don't forget the video for S.O.S. premieres on Friday! This was ripped by Hollywood Entertainment Source! SO ill credit them. BUY THE ALBUM AUGUST 7th! + Since the album leaked ill this site will have a new look.

1. S.O.S.

2. Hold On

3. Goodnight and Goodbye

4. That's Just The Way We Roll

5. Hello Beautiful

6. Still In Love With You

7. Australia

8. Games

9. When You Look Me In The Eyes

10. Inseparable

11. Just Friends

12. Hollywood

13. Year 3000

14. Kids Of The Future