iTunes released a new Deluxe Edition, with 3 new bonus tracks for Avril's album, "The Best Damn Thing"
The bonus tracks are:

*I Can Do Better [Acoustic Version]
*When You're Gone [Acoustic Version]
*Girlfriend [The Submarines Time Warp 66 Mix]


Currently in the studio working on his 3rd album, Ryan Cabrera is hard at work, 7 months into the project, which he feels will be his best work to date. "The sound of the new record I think will open alot of eyes and ears, and definitely be a suprise to fans and anybody who hasn't heard my music! I want to take my time with this record and really make a diverse entire album, as opposed to just a single or two, no I want a ride, a journey, I want the record to be able to be played all the way through. In fact, there are songs that none of my management or crew have heard. So many things have changed in my life, and the music is heading along with it". About a year ago, Ryan wrote and recorded a song that was not for an album, but for fun, titled, "I Will Remember You". The song quickly got heard by television executives, and used as the closing montage for the entire series of "Will and Grace". Soon after, another show requested to use the song as their good-bye anthem. The song "I Will Remember You", is currently the good-bye song on Fox's "So You Think You Can Dance". Ryan said, "The song was getting such good responses, I'm gooing to re-record it, and put it on my next record. It never came out so I want to revamp it a little bit!!"


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Anonymous said...

I uploaded the song to sendspace :


enjoy. thought you might like the whole song instead of half of it.