Srry Evry1 but i got really tired of looking at the J.B evryday so its time for a change. I will be putting up a new Template. Heres a peak of CDVu+ is which is how the J.B album will be in once the album leaks ill be posting it:


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Heres is THE C.D VERSION OF "Whatever You Like". This song is flippin AWESOME !! Nicole Scherzinger has just been filming the video for "Whatever You Like", Her 1st Single as Solo artist. The video will be premiered next month and i leave you now with, Album Version of the song. It is diffirent. There is many parts missing, Intro and end sounds diffirent. It is basically the new version ripped by me in HQ as always.

DL: http://www.mediafire.com/?edpnbnfpmd2